If you are requesting RMA number by fax, our RMA department will only accept Samtack RMA form. Other forms will not be accepted.

RMA department will issue a RMA# if all conditions are met and all information are completed. An RMA number is valid for only 14 days from the date issued.

  1. Your completed form definitely facilitates a proper product return process.
  2. RMA numbers must be clearly marked on the outside of package.  Please print a copy of the RMA instruction enclosed with email or RMA request form by fax and attached to the package.
  3. Do not include in the shipment of items other than those specified approved items.
  4. Damaged or loss of goods during shipment is the sole responsibility of the customer. Improper packaging will result in loss of warranty.
  5. All returns MUST be in original packing.  Improperly packed items will be rejected with no consideration.
  6. Please ship original packaging include all parts, accessories, software, manual, etc.
  7. We reserve the right to reject items with RMA# shipped in and found not from Samtack or out of warranty or under Manufacturer’s warranty.
  8. CUSTOMER shall be responsible for verifying the defective good(s) prior to return. Samtack may charge customer a $35 No Fault Found service charge for any product found to be in working condition.
  9. For computer systems, a minimun $130 will be charged for virus found or any other software problem.
  10. Products sent back without proper Return Material Authorisation will incur a charge of $10 per item for ship the product back.
  11. You can check RMA status online. RMA status for a RMA  number will not be available after 3 months


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